About the label: Label- Daniel Syiem- Come Return To Nature
              The Daniel Syiem label makes classic, timeless ensembles for women in natural fabrics.  It is sustainable, eco-friendly and celebrates personal style. The label seamlessly blends traditional craft of hand-woven fabrics with western silhouettes. The signature style is minimalistic with clean lines, drapes and unique profiles. Promoting and preserving the hand-weaving traditions of the indigenous weaver tribes of North East India, the label stresses on high quality, rare fabrics, classic styles and conscious consumption. Focussing on usage of fabrics like Ryndia (heritage fabric hand-woven by local weavers of Meghalaya) and natural processes that sustain eco-systems and involve mindful usage of resources, recycling and minimal wastage, the label practices slow fashion. This label has been launched in, New York, Toronto, London & Rome.
About Us
               Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House was established in 2011 by Janessaline M Pyngrope & Daniel Syiem. Shillong’s First Fashion House, DSEFH, was formed with a very clear objective of protecting, reviving, uplifting the traditional fabrics of the North-East mainly Meghalaya and promoting its use by innovating it into modern, contemporary, international fashion.
               We endeavour to appeal to a target audience who appreciates natural, hand-woven and organic textiles which is the forte of our Fashion House. Daniel Syiem’s interpretation of these exclusive and heritage fabrics has been appreciated and is in demand.
               The core aim is to safeguard and promote the hand-woven fabric of the state of Meghalaya- Ryndia and other fabrics of the North East region. Our experiences in working with these indigenous fabrics have exposed us to the fact that the art of making these textiles is slowly dying. The making of these heritage fabrics has been passed down from generation to generation of weavers. The weavers need to be supported and encouraged by making their craft economically viable. It is really imperative that we work towards preserving our heritage crafts through reinvention and innovation. DSEFH is working hard to revive this fabric by innovating at the yarn stage to create beautiful patterns, designs and vegetable dyes. This fabric is hand-woven by the weavers of the Ri-Bhoi district in Meghalaya. Simultaneously, DSEFH aims to create employment for weavers, workers, artisans and safeguarding ancient weaves by promoting its usage.
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